Our Story

Founded in 2018 by Jane Doe, Ableasy is a collection of unique home décor, toys and accessories that spark creativity and bring joy.

As a child, Jane spent her time exploring different cultures around the world, developing a passion for handcrafted artisanship. She was inspired to curate pieces that merge tradition with modern living spaces.

When starting Ableasy, Jane's vision was to source one-of-a-kind objects that celebrate global craftsmanship. Every product is meticulously selected and draws from the expertise of local artisans. Jane vets all items personally to ensure exceptionally high standards in quality, function and design.

The name "Ableasy" reflects Jane's philosophy of incorporating worldwide influences with effortless sophistication. She aims to make internationally-inspired decor approachable – pieces that become cherished household treasures.

To this day, Jane continues discovering emerging designers on her worldwide travels. She adds new collections with care, choosing items that will spark creativity for years to come. Jane hopes browsing Ableasy is an immersive cultural experience, transporting customers through extraordinary design.

Above all, Jane's mission is to make handcrafted design globally accessible while supporting artisanal communities. Ableasy curates a diverse portfolio of products that feed the soul and nurture imagination. Jane envisions the collection as a destination for discoveries that surprise and delight for many years to come.

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