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Wooden Fifteen-Hole Intelligence Box Trailer baby Toy

Wooden Fifteen-Hole Intelligence Box Trailer baby Toy

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Product Dimensions: 19x9.5x17.5CM
Product Weight: 0.8KG
Material: Solid and Pine Wood
Age Range: 18 months and above
Hand-eye Coordination: Develops hand-eye coordination through various actions and processing visual input. Good hand control and eye coordination also contribute to overall physical coordination and balance.

Creativity: Encourages creativity and imagination, allowing children to explore new ideas and develop innovative thinking and problem-solving skills.
Logical Combination: Helps children learn to draw conclusions through reasoning, including forms of thinking such as mathematics, logical reasoning, and scientific analysis. These skills are essential for effective counting, measuring, reasoning, induction, and analysis during a child's development.

Learning to Read: Reading is the ability to comprehend and absorb textual information using the mind for a specific purpose. Cultivating reading skills enriches children's knowledge, expands their access to information, and opens up new avenues for learning.
Imported food-grade water-based paint

High-quality imported wood

Exquisite craftsmanship/100% safe/100% safe and intelligent wooden pull-along toy
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