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Music Party Electric Wooden music box

Music Party Electric Wooden music box

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 The Music Party Electric Wooden Music Box is a captivating and entertaining piece made from high-quality oak wood. With dimensions of 11X11X15 CM and weighing 1KG, it is a compact and portable music box that can easily enhance any party or celebration.

Key Features:

  1. Electric Music Box: The music box is powered by electricity, allowing for automatic and continuous music playback.
  2. Festive Design: With its vibrant colors, decorative elements, and intricate detailing, it creates a lively and joyful atmosphere at parties.
  3. Oak Wood Construction: Crafted from premium oak wood, it offers durability, a natural aesthetic, and a touch of elegance.
  4. Entertaining Music: The music box plays a selection of upbeat and celebratory tunes, adding excitement and energy to the party.
  5. Compact and Portable: With its compact size and weight, it can be easily placed on tabletops, shelves, or carried to different party locations.


Music Party Electric Wooden Music Box

【Material】Oak Wood

【Size】11X11X15 CM



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