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Sterling Engine Model Kit for science Educational toy

Sterling Engine Model Kit for science Educational toy

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          • Product Dimensions: Length 160mm, Width 87mm, Height 75mm.
          • Package Box: Length 198mm, Width 105mm, Height 135mm.
          • Gross Weight: 480 G
          • High-quality metal alloy construction with excellent craftsmanship. Faster speed as the temperature rises!
          • Stirling engine: Converts thermal energy to mechanical work through cyclic compression and expansion of air or other gases at different temperatures.
          • Intuitive and educational toy. Sparks interest in learning and ideal for classroom demonstrations.
          • Perfect gift for friends and family. Adds charm to your desk or any space!


          • Heat it for 50-60 seconds and gently spin the wheel to start.
          • The DC generator has polarity, reverse the lamp connection if not lighting. Avoid clip contact with iron core.
          • Adjust the flame size - shorten the wick if too big, keep wick away from cylinder due to heat.
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